1. Czech company with a tradition since 1992
  2. A comprehensive range of services in the field of high-lift platforms
  3. V Production platforms to customer's needs, all appropriate mounting chassis, including older chassis
  4. A total of 28 types of platforms with working heights from 9-28 m , with price from 380.000 , CZK without VAT , as well as additional products - leveler (ramps ) , cages for forklifts
  5. Platforms designed with an emphasis on maximum simplicity , eliminating the necessary maintenance and the possibility of defects
  6. Continuous service support 24 hours a day, servicing carried out immediately after notification, no later than 48 hours
  7. The vast majority of spare parts in stock, immediately available to repair defects
  8. Ensuring overhauls of older types of platforms, including the modernization
  9. Platforms with working heights up to 14 meters can be mounted on trucks with a total weight up to 3.5 t
  10. Upon request we provide purchase financing platforms
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